Online Rental Payment via - ECheck



STEP 1: Find Your Property
Search for your property by entering your property's name, address or phone number.

               (Example: Type in “Norwich")

Select your unit from the Property Search Results.
               Example:  75 W NORWICH AVE APT A
               Other examples:  75 W NORWICH AVE APT B, 75 W NORWICH AVE APT C, 75 W NORWICH AVE                    APT D, 81 W NORWICH AVE APT A, 81 W NORWICH AVE APT B, 81 W NORWICH AVE APT C

Then select: “Pay Now”


STEP 2: Resident Information- Setup your Account
Enter your name: (First Name: John) (Last Name: Doe)
Create a Username and Password: (Username: JohnOSU123) (Create a password: 12345) (Reenter Password: 12345)
Enter Unit Address: (75 W NORWICH AVE APT A)  *Do not check the box for "I’m an applicant and do not have a unit number yet"
Enter Email Address: (
Accept the Terms of Use and click "Save and Continue"

STEP 3: How would you like to pay
*****Note: Echeck is the only way to pay without incurring a fee*****
Credit cards are accepted but you (the renter) have to pay the RentPaymentNow fee (~$30 to $40) per transaction if you choose to pay with a credit card.

Step 4: Payment Summary
Enter your rent amount and confirm the summary.